iPod Touch 7th Generation found in the wild


As you may know we are first and foremost a gadget recycling company. We deal primarily with recycling iPod devices and have seen them all from the 1st generation of the notorious iPod Classic 1st to funky custom iPods being sent in. We are also on the other hand, gadget enthusiasts who love to see and experience new tech first hand. From foldable phones which are around the corner to the latest gaming consoles.

How the iPod Touch 7th Generation came to light

As you may know, we have had some hints that a 7th generation iPod is in the works. We have had companies at CES leak information regarding Apple reigniting the iPod brand with a new iPod Touch device. We have also seen iPod references in the new iOS 12.2 code.

We received a bulk order of iPod Touch 6th Generation devices from a football club (we can’t give a name until we receive permission to do so).

Amusingly enough they were using these iPod devices to manage gate entries (via QR codes) and other essentials such as ordering food, beverages etc. As well as streaming their football games live.

During testing a bulk load of these devices we noticed that some of the devices were not restored to default settings. This is something we always advise our customers to do. Furthermore, to top of it off we noticed that the said devices had an iCloud account linked with find my iPhone was still active. This, of course, is something we have reached out to the customer to have removed.

Having tried to sign out on each of these devices manually one by one in order to restore the devices ourselves, something caught our eye. Something we did not expect at all. Our initial thoughts when receiving this order was that perhaps they were moving to another ecosystem to control their gates and more.

However it seems this football club has early access to an iPod Touch 7th Generation device! You can see this illustrated in the photo we have taken below:

ipod touch 7th icloud

So it seems like perhaps the reason the football club has decided to sell up their old iPod Touch 6th Generation devices is simply to update to the latest version. Maintaining the existing ecosystem as is. We still feel this is a bit of a drastic change, especially as we are unsure what more the new device can offer that the current version can’t.

Can we see more of the iPod Touch 7th Generation device?

We have reached out to the football club for the following:

  1. Permission to share and credit the story to their football club.
  2. Photos of the actual device to share on our blog (with credit to them if they choose)


Please also see some reference photos below which help backup the above story.

Engravings on the rear of the iPods:

property of football club

Bulk iPods:

sell ipod bulk


As soon as we hear back from the football club in question, we’ll update the post accordingly. Be sure to keep checking for an update. Need more proof? Let us know what we can do in the comments section below!

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