New iPod Found in iOS 12.2 Code, Missing Out On Key Features

new ipod leak ios

We recently reported a rumor that Apple were to reboot the iPod brand with a new release of the iPod Touch. Namely the 7th generation model.

These rumors have now been backed up by model references found in the iOS 12.2 code.

The iPod9,1 is a reference to the latest iPod model – most likely the iPod Touch 7th Generation.

The 6th generation model on the other hand is referred to as iPod7,1.

Another revelation found in the code is the fact that the latest iPod will not feature key features such as Face ID or Touch ID.

This is similar to the situation of the current 6th generation model. It does however make sense for the iPod line-up to miss out on such features as to make the iPod more affordable vs the iPhone counterpart.

What updates to expect from the iPod Touch 7th Generation?

ipod touch 5th vs 6th

When Apple released the 6th generation iPod Touch, there wasn’t too much differences against the predecessor in terms of looks.

It merely came with a new colour palette and lost the pop out nub for the wrist strap.

However from an internal perspective, there was an updated front camera, faster dual core processor and increase of ram. It was also made available in a 128GB variation for users requiring a lot more storage.

So what can we expect from the 7th generation iPod Touch?

  • Updated front and rear cameras
  • Updated processor
  • New colour palette similar to the iPhone XR
  • Loss of home button
  • Notch screen design
  • Updated audio chip

When will the iPod Touch 7th Generation be announced?

Apple have been known to hold events in the March period, including last year.

However we feel this may be too soon for the iPod Touch to be announced as there would have surely been some leaks of the build or parts during production.

There is still time to expect some leaks of the new design up until March which may be a solid indicator, however if there is a no-show. It is very likely that we can expect an announcement sometime around September.


So what do you think about the above? Do you expect any other features to showcase on the latest version of the iPod Touch? When do you feel it would be announced and released? Let us know in the comments section below.