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Sell iPod Nano 6th Generation

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The iPod Nano 6th Generation (6G) was released by Apple in 2010. This model featured a full redesign which featured a square shaped body. It has a touch screen and volume buttons and doesn’t include a microphone or built in speakers. The iPod Nano 6th Generation was released in 8GB and 16GB models

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Sell iPod Nano 6th Generation

About the iPod Nano 6th Generation

The sixth generation of the iPod changes everything we know about the Nano range in terms of form and functionality. It looks completely different to any of its predecessors and works completely different too.

This MP3 player, loses the click wheel as well as the form factors previously seen before. We now have a small square iPod with nothing but a touch screen display. Volume buttons and power button are located on the top of the device, allowing the user to adjust without having to depend solely on the touch screen interface.

Regardless of the drastic design change, the Nano stays true to its name by being offered in multiple colour options. Allowing users once again to choose according to their taste and style.

iPod Nano 6th Generation Specifications

  • 8GB, 16GB Memory options
  • 1.54″ LCD display 240 x 240 pixel
  • Size: 1.48 x 1.61 x 0.35
  • Weight: 0.74 oz
  • Battery Life 24 Hours

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