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Selling Your iPod To Gadget Mill Couldn't Get Any Easier!

Gadget Mill offers the best prices for your unwanted iPods. Is your iPod used, new or even engraved? Don't worry as we buy them all! Not only do we offer an instant quote so you know how much your iPod is worth. But we also make payments via various methods, making the selling process both easy and convenient. So if you're ever wondering 'where can I sell my iPod online?' Just remember Gadget Mill is your one stop shop!

The iPod is a revolutionary music player device launched by Apple in 2001. Since it's initial release, the device has seen many form factors, from big and small iPods to iPods with and without screens as well as different price brackets. This device ties in with iTunes at a click of a button as well as has access to Apple's new music streaming services.

Apple offers a wide range of iPods such as the iPod Touch which resembles the iPhone in both functionality and form factor. The iPod Classic which keeps the original iconic design and offers a large storage space for your music needs. The iPod Nano offers a smaller form factor, as well as a more affordable price tag. Along with the iPod shuffle which is essentially a budget device for use when working out!

So if it's finally time for you to upgrade your older outdated iPod, look no further as we are more than happy to assist you with recycling your iPod. Simply identify your iPod above, determine its condition using our guidelines and pop it over to us in the post! We'll take care of the rest and will make payment as originally quoted via your preferred method of payment!

Need help identifying your iPod?

How do I find out which iPod model or generation I have?

You can find out your iPod model or generation by simply checking the original box if it is available, if the original box is not available, you can connect your iPod to your computer via a USB cable, launch iTunes which should display the model information for your iPod. If this is also not possible, you can inspect the rear side of the iPod and try to find the model number. Once found you should be able to search for the model in your favourite search engine.

How do I find out the memory size of my iPod?

You can do this by inspecting the rear side of the iPod, it usually has the memory size written on the rear such as 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 80GB, 120GB and 160GB. If this is not written or has been scratched off making it unreadable, you can navigate to settings > General > About to where you should be able to find the capacity of your iPod. If this is not possible, you may also be able to find out by simply connecting your iPod to iTunes and inspecting the storage bar on the bottom side of the iTunes application.

Still need help?

Not to worry! Simply Contact Us via our form or email info@gadgetmill.co.uk where one of our helpful staff members would be happy to help you identify your iPod model. Happy selling!

Gadget Mill's iPod Price Match Promise!

Found a competitor offering a better price for your iPod elsewhere? Unlikely! But seeing as we're so confident of our service, we will happily price match any reputable recycler who is offering a better price for your iPod in the same condition.

We ensure we offer the best prices for iPods by actively monitoring the price trends as well as what our competitors are offering. Making sure that you get the most cash when trading in your iPod.

For us to price match a competitor's offer, we need to verify the price offered. To do so the quotation offered must be publicly available to all customers. Therefore must be clearly displayed on the competitor's website.

The competitor who's quote has been put forward must hold a good reputation, unfortunately many recyclers who seem to offer amazing prices for your unused iPods actually do not. As when the time comes to make payment to the customer, they often offer a cut price - therefore all competing offers must come from a reputable competitor who has a review average of 3.5 stars or above.

We do indeed price match promotions on the basis that the promotion is publicly available to everyone, even if such promotion is run for a limited amount of time. We do not however price match exclusive promotions available to only a certain criteria of customer.