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Activision and Naughty Dog – double standards set by Sony fans?

Sony Fans Bounce Back! As an avid gamer I love to keep up with the latest gaming news and announcements; I also enjoy reading comments left by fellow gamers on articles I read looking for more input and opinions on the pieces I read. Of course reading the comments section may sometimes lead reading into 'flame wars' between fans of each console - but hey sometimes it can be funny! I see myself as a hardcore gamer who leans more towards the PlayStation franchise - due to my PlayStation... Read more »

The PlayStation 4 rumors showdown

So it is that time again folks; we are ready for the new wave of next generation consoles! With this excitement also comes many rumors, some true, some not so true and some being darn right stupid! The PlayStation 4 has been the talk of the internet; with constant details popping up all over the internet. You should all know the scenario by now: "My friend has a friend who works for Sony and those infamous anonymous tips!". Let me go through the rumors with you and tell you what we should... Read more »