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We see ourselves as specialists when it comes to buying iPods – we currently buy all iPods as long as they are in working order! We do however accept iPods in any condition, so if your iPod looks like it has seen better days and you would like some cash towards the latest iPod model or anything else then use our instant quote service for quick cash within 24 hours!

We buy all types of iPods here at gadget mill so you can easily go ahead and sell iPod Nano, sell iPod Touch, sell iPod Classic, sell iPod Shuffle, sell iPod Mini and even sell iPod Video!

Gadget Mill also buy various Macintosh products so you can Sell MacBook, Sell Mac Mini. We accept Macs in any condition and in various specification and sizes. Not only do we accept the computers and laptops themselves but we also offer to buy Apple Accessories so it is possible to get some extra cash by Sell Time Capsule, Selling Mac Magic Mouse, Selling Mac Trackpads and Sell Apple TV!

We also pride ourselves to be hardcore gamers which means we can’t get enough of game consoles and the games. We buy most game consoles including portables. So if you would like to make some quick cash by selling your unwanted game consoles you will be excited to know that you can sell PSP, sell DS and sell 3DS consoles and more here!

Gadget Mill offers a unique recycling service to all customers based in the UK. We buy all unwanted gadgets so why not cash in by selling your used iPods and turning all your unwanted gadgets into cash instantly!

Selling to Gadget Mill couldn’t be any easier! Just find your gadget on our website, choose the condition of your gadget and our instant quote system will let you know how much it’s worth! If your happy with the price just add the item to the cart and checkout, simple!

We have dealt with thousands of customers and have always been complimented for our outstanding service – we always treat each customer as an individual and like to keep things as simple as possible! We currently hold a full 5 star rating at the review centre! So don’t just take our word for it!

We make selling your unwanted and used gadgets such as iPods easy! Just put all your unwanted gadgets in to the basket and submit an order. Once we have processed your order just pop into the post office or get a courier to pick up your stuff and within 24 hours get some quick and easy cash!


Find your unwanted gadgets on our website to get an instant quote then add the item to your cart.


Send in your gadgets via Royal Mail or any other courier of your choice!


Get paid in 24 hours choose to get paid via BACS, PayPal or Cheque, Kerching!

We have dealt with many of our competitors on a personal basis which is why Gadget Mill was launched! We noticed whenever we tried to recycle our unwanted gadgets we were never treated as a human being and the only thing our competitors cared about were profits! Here at Gadget Mill we try to be as flexible as possible when judging the condition of your gadget and the prices offered. So if you are in need of extra cash, don’t hesitate to ask!

Did you know we monitor our competitor’s prices? We always try to out perform our competitors not only in terms of service but the price offered too! We currently offer the best prices for your gadgets even in comparison to the major recyclers!

We love to keep things informal and very social at Gadget Mill. So why not follow our blog to keep up to date with the latest technology trends?

Welcome to Gadget Mill! Sell your gadget, Mac, MacBook, iPod, iPad, DS, PSP, PS3 here!

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