Here is an apparent leak of the new Samsung Galaxy S4! You may check my previous post showing the phone's specification As you can see from the image it seems like a mixture of a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a Samsung Galaxy Grand. It does also seem to look like it could fit a S-Pen in there too; the one shocker is that it has no physical button. My honest opinion though is that it looks to be a Photoshopped image. As it seems somewhat pixelated to me. Anyway Never mind the photo I just don't... Read more »
The iPhone 6 may be released in different colors and a larger screen (colors like the iPod touch 5th generation perhaps?) this is according to a research paper by Brian White (an analyst) from Topeka Capital. The analyst believes Apple will be competing with Android smartphones in terms of screen size by offering iPhone 6 in a variety of screen sizes. These screen sizes include a 3.5inch (like the iPhone 4), 4 inch (like the iPhone 5) and finally a new larger screen for the iPhone 6... Read more »
Canonical - the people behind Ubuntu have announced that they will be launching a new Ubuntu operating system for phones in 2014. This OS as you may guess is Linux based and uses the same kernel as the Android OS. This means with a bit of tweaking your Android phone will also be able to run Ubuntu OS. The OS has been shown working on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus (further proof that the OS is compatible for current phones). It seems as if the OS is aimed at developers, might also be very handy to... Read more »
If you have been keeping up with phone tech, you may have heard that Samsung will soon be announcing and releasing their new flagship phone - Galaxy S4. S-Pen The new rumor floating around the 'inter-web' is that the new Galaxy S4 will come equipped with a S-Pen (a smart pen that is usually included with the Galaxy Note series). 5 Inch screen This will be a Full HD Screen with a resolution of 1080×1920! It will of course be using the AMOLED technology with 441ppi (pixel per... Read more »
Welcome we have started a new blog on our website! On our newly launched blog we will be providing you the latest news within the technology industry as it happens, as well as tutorials we think you may find extremely helpful! Also on special occasions we will be giving out voucher codes for Gadget Mill allowing you to pocket extra cash for your unwanted gadgets! So be sure to be on a look out! We know this won't be an easy task as you can never launch a popular blog, but you can actually... Read more »