Toys 'R' Us leaked next gen console release dates Toys 'R' Us has apparently leaked the release dates for both the PS4 and the Xbox One in the UK on its website. PS4 release date We already know from the Sony E3 conference that the PS4 was to be made available for sale this Holiday 2013. However Sony remained tight lipped in regards to an exact release date however Toys 'R' Us has gone ahead and apparently leaked the PS4 launch date on its website: Xbox One Toys R Us. The website claims... Read more »
The next generation of consoles are just around the corner and I'm sure many of us will be looking to find the best deal when pre-ordering their console. The point of this article is to find the best deals for your PlayStation 4 console pre-order so you could spend the money saved towards games or anything else! Also don't worry - we are based in the UK but will also be hunting around for special deals for US based customers also! Best UK PS4 console deals Gameseek - are offering a... Read more »
You may have heard about or came across the news regarding whistle blower Edward Snowden, who recently leaked the fact that the US government has been spying and collecting data on pretty much everyone and still continue to do so. It was also claimed by Edward Snowden that the intelligence community is entirely focused on getting intelligence wherever possible and by any means necessary. This in fact is pretty much evident by the recent news stating how Microsoft literally handed the U.S, NSA,... Read more »
Here at Gadget Mill we love our gaming and of course getting the best deals. As we are extremely hyped up this generation for the next round of consoles to make their way to the stores; we decided to go ahead and pre-order this time round. After a bit of hunting around we found some amazing pre-order deals where some retailers were selling consoles for less than the retail price. So be sure to keep an eye out as you could save some money which you could then of course put towards your games.... Read more »
Sony Fans Bounce Back! As an avid gamer I love to keep up with the latest gaming news and announcements; I also enjoy reading comments left by fellow gamers on articles I read looking for more input and opinions on the pieces I read. Of course reading the comments section may sometimes lead reading into 'flame wars' between fans of each console - but hey sometimes it can be funny! I see myself as a hardcore gamer who leans more towards the PlayStation franchise - due to my PlayStation... Read more »
Apple's worldwide developers conference is a month away and the world is already talking about the new iPhone. It shouldn't be a shock to anyone that we are expecting the iPhone 5s to be announced instead of an iPhone 6. However the rumor mill has been suggesting for a while now that the iPhone 5s will receive a fingerprint scanner - keeping your phone and details more secure. iPhone 5s sapphire crystal button rumor Recently a Taiwanese website - TechNews released a report claiming that... Read more »
It seems like Apple will be updating a lot more than just its products this year; this includes the AppleCare service it provides to all its customers. Usually updates from Apple bring good news but unfortunately speculation from an insider confirms that Apple will be toughening up its support procedure in order to save the company money. How AppleCare currently works As of now the procedure works like this for iPhones, iPods, iPads and other gadgets: 1) You book an appointment to be... Read more »
The Upcoming Oil Crisis As oil prices have seen a trend of rising prices; you may question what seems to be pushing the prices higher and higher as time goes on. Our first instinct might be the fact that the oil companies are getting greedier day by day; especially due to the economic climate and inflation. But truth be told the scenario is much deeper than that! Fossil oil as you would know is a finite energy source - meaning it will at some point run out. The upcoming 'peak oil'... Read more »
Lately I have gone back to playing the Call of Duty series on my PS3. This includes games such as the legendary Call of Duty 4 up to the latest Black Ops 2. As you would probably know Black Ops 2 is packed with way more features and customisation in comparison to Call of Duty 4 which was more or less plain and simple in comparison. However with that said and to be honest I seemed to be enjoying myself way more playing the classic COD4 in comparison to the other later titles. My first... Read more »
Apple have announced that the Worldwide Web Developers Conference (WWDC 2013) will take place this June 10-14. The conference will take place in San Francisco at the Moscone West Convention center. Tickets for the conference have been priced at $1599 and will be sold tomorrow (April 25) at 10:00AM Pacific Time. Previously Apple used to put the tickets up for sale as soon as they announced the event; although this time round they have gone ahead and decided to sell the tickets the next day.... Read more »