Recently the original iPhone prototype has worked its way on to the internet, interesting however is the fact that the original prototype of the iPhone was based on the iPod click-wheel system. Like the original iPhone, this prototype was due to have an aluminum body, multi touch screen, built in 2G and WIFI. However even with all this, the interface itself seems to follow closely to the iPod with the click-wheel system. This prototype OS was referred to as Acorn OS which pretty much... Read more »
It has been a while since we've seen any new iPods released from Apple. According to the MacRumors Buyer's Guide it has been exactly 452 days at the time of writing that we have seen a new release of the iPod Touch 6th Generation, iPod Nano 8th Generation and the latest iPod Shuffle. Mind you the latest release of these iPods were merely an upgrade of specification for the iPod Touch and pretty much a new colour range offering, so not a major update at all. With the average life-cycle for an... Read more »
Are you looking to buy an iPod but have no idea which model in particular would be more suitable for your needs? Well look no further as we present you the ultimate iPod buyers guide! This guide will be constantly kept up to date taking into consideration any new iPods Apple may decide to launch in the near future. There are many needs for various people, and Apple have a lot of options to choose from to suit. So lets begin! Which iPod best suits my budget?+- Apple have made various... Read more »
Prague has recently been blessed with an Apple Museum showing off a large and rare private collection of Apple products ranging from the 1976 era to 2012. The unique exhibition is located in the Center of Pop Art and is decorated with numerous quotes by Steve Jobs as well as artistic product displays. There are many gems to be seen at the exhibition such as the special edition iPod Beatles Box set. This originally retailed for $798 which was made available in 2008. You can also find 1st... Read more »
It has been rumoured previously that Apple were working on a successor to the iPhone 5c. However these rumours were squashed after sales of the iPhone 5c clearly did not meet Apple's high expectations, leading the project to be abandoned in early 2015. However new details and rumours have surfaced leading to suggest that Apple will indeed be pressing ahead with its next generation budget phone iPhone 6c. The image illustrates work in progress for the iPhone 6c before it was eventually... Read more »
Ever noticed your iPhone slowing down, lagging or completely locking up from time to time? Perhaps it is time to delete those old photos that are clogging up your phone's memory. A recent study undertaken by Laura Trucco from Harvard University seems to suggest the issue might be a bit more controversial. The study undertaken backs up the theory that Apple purposefully releases software updates for older iPhones which causes them to not respond as swiftly. Hence encouraging users to... Read more »
Researchers have developed a worm targetting Macs on a firmware level. This makes it almost impossible to remove as it can resist software/firmware updates as well as block them entirely. The worm is also capable of reinstalling itself if required as it is embedded deep in the firmware level. This worm dubbed 'Thunderstrike 2' was created by the same people who found the exploit 'Thunderstrike' (a proof of concept) which was made public around February this year. Thunderstrike 2 builds upon... Read more »
A recent leak shared by Future Supplier showcasing a rear cover for the new iPhone 6S Plus suggests that Apple is finally tackling the 'Bendgate' issue found in the iPhone 6 Plus. When this issue did come to light through social media - users snapping photos of their iPhone 6 Plus bending whilst in their back pocket and such. However Apple denied this problem existed and if it did, only affected a handful of people. However the images shown below suggest that a fundamental problem might... Read more »
Tim Cook around 2014 stated that the iPod was a declining business. Which left a lot of iPod fans wondering whether or not Apple will continue selling iPods. Recently Apple stopped selling iPod Classic models altogether as well as removed the iPod main link from their website (replaced by the Apple Watch) which further fueled rumors of Apple leaving the iPod business altogether. However after a long wait it seems the iPod has survived as Apple have finally refreshed the iPod lineup with a... Read more »
Recently there was indeed a lot of fuss being made from the design flaw in the iPhone 6. This design flaw was dubbed #bendgate and was pretty much used as a marketing ploy by various companies. This includes Apple's rival in the phone industry Samsung. However it now looks like Samsung may be suffering from a slight dose of 'whatever goes around comes back around'. This is because Samsung's flagship phablet - Galaxy Note 4 has been suffering from a design flaw where there is a considerable... Read more »