Apple to update AppleCare service for the worst!

It seems like Apple will be updating a lot more than just its products this year; this includes the AppleCare service it provides to all its customers. Usually updates from Apple bring good news but unfortunately speculation from an insider confirms that Apple will be toughening up its support procedure in order to save the company money. How AppleCare currently works As of now the procedure works like this for iPhones, iPods, iPads and other gadgets: 1) You book an appointment to be... Read more »

Upcoming oil crisis will leave existing technology useless!

The Upcoming Oil Crisis As oil prices have seen a trend of rising prices; you may question what seems to be pushing the prices higher and higher as time goes on. Our first instinct might be the fact that the oil companies are getting greedier day by day; especially due to the economic climate and inflation. But truth be told the scenario is much deeper than that! Fossil oil as you would know is a finite energy source - meaning it will at some point run out. The upcoming 'peak oil'... Read more »

What Infinity Ward can do to turnaround the Call of Duty series

Lately I have gone back to playing the Call of Duty series on my PS3. This includes games such as the legendary Call of Duty 4 up to the latest Black Ops 2. As you would probably know Black Ops 2 is packed with way more features and customisation in comparison to Call of Duty 4 which was more or less plain and simple in comparison. However with that said and to be honest I seemed to be enjoying myself way more playing the classic COD4 in comparison to the other later titles. My first... Read more »

Apple announces WWDC 2013 – June 10-14 – Tickets Cost $1599

Apple have announced that the Worldwide Web Developers Conference (WWDC 2013) will take place this June 10-14. The conference will take place in San Francisco at the Moscone West Convention center. Tickets for the conference have been priced at $1599 and will be sold tomorrow (April 25) at 10:00AM Pacific Time. Previously Apple used to put the tickets up for sale as soon as they announced the event; although this time round they have gone ahead and decided to sell the tickets the next day.... Read more »

Apple to announce new product category this Fall – Confirmed

There have been plenty of rumors in previous years regarding Apple and another type of product they are going to release. Well Tim Cook has confirmed during Apple's Q2 investor call that they have potential of new product categories and that they will announce new products Fall 2013. Tim Cook also later added that the new category may not appear this year and that it is extremely difficult to work on truly innovative products - but rest assured Apple are working closely with manufacturers to... Read more »

Google Analytics April Fools Joke!

I just recently introduced a new product to the lineup of the gadgets we buy - the iPotty. We then distributed this information across the social networks we use such as Facebook and Twitter. After a few moments I decided to see how popular this new gadget was amongst our followers and found that the iPotty made a big hit with the International Space Station - Control Room! Unfortunately we only had 1 hit from London (myself) and 41 hits from just the International Space Station itself!... Read more »

Year 2038 doomsday for our computers!

You're probably thinking, another year and here we have yet another doomsday prediction right? It must be getting boring as we've survived the millennium bug, the year 2013 and a few more in between. Well this time get ready to weep as what I'm about to tell you is a very serious matter. Ok, maybe not as our lives don't depend on this problem but it does effect equipment we are dependent on. Why 2038 brings doomsday for computer software and systems? Basically around the year 2038... Read more »

10 gadgets you should not buy in 2013

We are currently in the first quarter of 2013 and have seen a lot of new gadgets released already and available for sale. Yet we are still expecting plenty more gadgets to come; some of which are unproven, wacky and some simply downright bizarre. As money is becoming tight and the economic climate very mysterious we decided what better way to save your money than to create a list of gadgets you should stay clear of in 2013! Gadget Number 10 - Ouya The Ouya is an Android based gaming... Read more »

Could we transform our Galaxy S3 phones into a Galaxy S4?

Samsung have recently announced their highly anticipated new flagship smartphone the Galaxy S4. I as many people were completely hyped up about the upcoming announcement as Samsung are known to always bring something new to the table, something innovative and revolutionary as previous rumours suggested. Unfortunately as soon as the Galaxy S4 was unveiled literally out of a box at the Samsung unpacked event I was not impressed. First I thought it was a joke as it looked exactly like the... Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S4 leaked before the press conference revealing?

There is always someone out there who likes to spoil the big surprise party, in this case a poster on a Chinese forum went ahead and leaked apparent photos of the new Samsung Galaxy S4. All this before a few days of the Samsung Galaxy launch event. The phone model apparently goes by the code: 'GT-I9502'. The alleged specifications are listed below: Full HD 1080P display 1.8ghz processor (Universal 5410) 2GB Ram PowerVR SGX 544MP GPU Android 4.2.1 The processor... Read more »