Galaxy Note 4 suffers from #gapgate design flaw

Note-4-Main Recently there was indeed a lot of fuss being made from the design flaw in the iPhone 6. This design flaw was dubbed #bendgate and was pretty much used as a marketing ploy by various companies. This includes Apple's rival in the phone industry Samsung. However it now looks like Samsung may be suffering from a slight dose of 'whatever goes around comes back around'. This is because Samsung's flagship phablet - Galaxy Note 4 has been suffering from a design flaw where there is a considerable... Read more »

iPhone 6 fully operational model leaked video

iphone-6-working-leak We are so close to Apple's big event - and yet we have a further leak showing the iPhone 6 in its most complete form - yes! This device is a fully functional model of the iPhone 6. It has been demonstrated in a video and compared with an iPhone 5s. Some folks are claiming this to be the real deal and some are claiming this to be a 'clone iPhone 6'. Here is the video so you can decide for yourself: From our point of view, it does look very genuine and does match up with our previous... Read more »

Another major iPhone 6 leak – HD video comaprison with iPhone 5s

iphone-6-5s-comparison We are currently a week away from Apple's iPhone 6 reveal event and we are now again provided with more leaked content. This time in the form of a video! This leaked HD video pretty much confirms our previous leaks from Feld & Volk who recently leaked the parts of the iPhone. It shows the iPhone 6 assembled and compared to the predecessor iPhone 5s. This video shows the iPhone 6 next to the iPhone 5s in various angles and beside the obvious size increase, the iPhone 6 looks marginally... Read more »

iPhone 6 Front Panel and Components Leaked – Closeup Shots

With Apple's next publicised event just around the corner - we are now blessed with more leaks from iPhone Vendor Feld & Volk. These were the same individuals who previously leaked the iPhone 6 polised rear case and the iPhone 6 scratch resistant logo. The latest leak now shows the front panel and additional components. The completed front panel looks to have tapered edges which indicates the iPhone 6 will have a slightly new look and feel in comparison to the predecessors. The... Read more »

Apple iPhone 6 polished rear shell leak backs up previous claims!

apple-iphone-event We recently posted an article showing an apparent leak of the iPhone 6 rear shell. A new leak shows an almost identical rear shell but in a more polished and 'completed' state. This latest leak looks to back up the previous claim of the protruding camera lens and scratch resistant Apple Logo. There are new features visible with this leak such as an all metal design with a cutout for the new 'true-tone' led round flash. Apple is extremely likely to reveal the iPhone 6 in the event on... Read more »

New iPhone 6 rear shell leaked photos show scratch resistant Apple logo and recessed volume keys

iphone-6-leaks Feld & Volk a luxury modified iPhone vendor - who recently shared high quality photos and a video of an apparent rear shell of the iPhone 6 a month ago has now received a 4.6 inch iPhone 6 rear shell. Compared to the photos and videos shared last month whilst the rear shell was in an intermediate production stage, this shell highlights features not highlighted in any of the previous leaks. For example the new leaks indicate that Apple may be implementing recessed volume keys as to help... Read more »

Is the iPod era coming to an end?

ipod-sales The iPod declining trend The iPod era started back in 2001 when Steve Jobs announced the 1st Generation iPod Classic in the Apple music event. iPods have since evolved since then to not only newer generations but also other variations catered to suit different needs. However unfortunately for Apple it seems the time has come where the iPod era is slowing down to a halt as recently Tim Cook stated that the iPod is becoming a 'Declining Business' which is evident by the sales trend shown in the... Read more »

eBay flooded with Flappy Bird installed ‘rare’ devices

If you know about the game 'Flappy Bird' the latest mobile phenomenon. Then you'll know all about the annoyances that come with the game mainly flying into mario like pipes head first. However this annoyance may be withheld from people who haven't downloaded this game yet as just recently the flappy bird developer stated on his twitter that he will be removing the game from the iOS App store and Android Play Store. There are some mixed reactions on this situation but this situation has also... Read more »

Xbox One power supply replacement horror story

xbox-one-power-brick-horror Xbox Console only purchase We recently purchased an Xbox One (console only) from a customer who was in need of quick cash for personal reasons. The reason the console was sold without any accessories was simply because the accessories were mistakenly returned by the customer who were then left with just a console (it happens regularly! As Microsoft suggested when I spoke to them). Unfortunately the customer had to move abroad for these personal reasons. However overall we got a pretty... Read more »

Skype Collaboration Project – Free Skype Premium Voucher!

skype-premium Here at Gadget Mill we love providing our readers with the best deals, we have recently encountered a deal from Skype allowing you to gain a premium Skype account for free! No catch whatsoever! What you get with Skype Premium This free premium offer is brought to you by the Skype Collaboration Project and with Skype premium you gain the following: Free group video calls Free group screen sharing No advertising Live chat customer support Not bad for nothing right? The... Read more »